Monday, January 19, 2015

OBIT: Independent Filmmaker David Crowley and family found dead in apparent murder-suicide

Several reports are coming out of the Twin Cities, that independent film maker David Crowley, who was behind the production of the much anticipated upcoming concept film "Gray State" about the pandemic of the American police state, has been found, along with his wife and child, dead in an apparent murder-suicide.

I am sorry for his family and all who loved him.  More to come I am sure.  At least one source has expressed the opinion to that Crowley and his family had been murdered to silence this film.

Another source, one "with a deep history in that neighborhood," told that "I used to house-sit that house, and really have a deep history in that neighborhood. I wouldn't take issue with mistrust of the government, but this Crowley guy (who just moved in there about a year ago) was sitting on an unfocused mess of a film idea and could never get the Hollywood $ to get past the concept trailer he shot 2 or 3 years ago. See him get interviewed by Alex Jones a few years back? He told him in the first minute or so that he was making "the Alex Jones movie." He wasn't going to get the Hollywood $ he coveted and made himself look foolish posing his wife in front of sports cars in Hollywood boasting how he'll soon be successful enough to have one himself. Around late summer he went full Travis Bickle. His Bloomington production company was called Hothead Productions and from all the pictures of him coveting his guns and saying things like he wants to punch the President in the face with his whole cabinet behind him did himself no favors on social media - in fact he was temporarily suspended on the Gray State FB page for incendiary comments. It's telling that his business partner bailed on him in September. He also was a big supporter of that racist cattle rancher last year that was illegally using federal land. The capper for me was how his last handful of FB posts were boasting how he was consuming more absinthe than food, and the accusations in all caps not to f*** with a combat veteran as he seemingly got more and more paranoid and stuck with all these people in his social media circles that he kept deceiving (his concept trailer was funded through crowdsourcing by other Alex Jones fanatics). This was a murder suicide. A stupid, sad, murder suicide. My folks live down the street and all their neighbors have enough eyes and ears on each other enough that nothing nefarious could really go undetected. He was antisocial enough where his own parents (and I'm presuming his wife's parents) didn't seem to be bothered enough that he hadn't spoke to them for 3 or more weeks. The wife and daughter definitely didn't deserve to die, and I can tell you that just on Halloween that adorable 5 year old girl was too shy to take a second piece of candy from my Dad trick-or-treating. Seriously F*** Alex Jones and that ilk with their tiresome xenophobic views, constantly threatening others with their gun stockpiles. It was only a matter of time before this guy's ego took hold of the worst parts of his nature."

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