Tuesday, July 31, 2007

UN to send 26,000 troops to Sudan

Nancy Pelosi is either a coward or corrupt

I can still remember her flexing her biceps for the front page of every corporate newspaper as if she were about to whoop up on some Bush Crime Family arse.

Man, did she fool us.

You have my pity, Cali.

Ohio destroys 2004 vote records

With elections having been stolen in 2000 and 2004, is reluctant to engage in blather about the 2008 elections, despite having such a dynamic choice of Dem candidates/enablers to choose from. Obama is a shill for the Council on Foreign Relations (Trilateralism) and Hilary, who voted to give der Monkey unchecked and near imperial power after 9/11, is just a straight up thug, and those are the two best choices.

We recommend boycotts of your least favorite corporate entities and mainstream news media leading up to and beyond the deception 2008.

BP gets OK to dump mercury into Lake Michigan -

Monday, July 23, 2007

Censure and Impeachment - Yahoo! News

Racial disparities widen in US incarceration rates

Locking up Blacks is a successful cottage industry that brings jobs to poor rural, WHITE communities at the expense of ours.

Anglo alliance protects record heroin crops

Where's Lucky Luciano when you need him?
----der smirking monkey

Welcome to Richistan

Thursday, July 19, 2007

RIP Sekou Sundiata

I am passing this on upon receiving it moments ago...rz:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is with deep sadness and the heaviest of hearts that we inform you that Sekou Sundiata, the eloquent and much loved poet, performer, artist activist and educator, passed away this morning July 18, 2007 at 5:47am at the age of 58 due to heart failure.

Sekou Sundiata fell ill earlier this month as he was preparing for the European premiere of his latest epic music/theater piece, the 51st dream state, at the Stimmen Festival in Germany. In early June he performed, blessing the boats, at the Spoleto Festival in S.C. and delivered a keynote presentation at the 13th Annual Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed International Conference in Minneapolis. He leaves behind a full schedule of performances, community residencies and keynote speeches.

Mr. Sundiata's untimely passing is a profound loss not only to his family and innumerable friends, colleagues and students but also to all of the individuals and communities whom he touched and changed through his performances, music, writings, public talks, interviews and conversations.

Mr. Sundiata is survived by his wife, Maurine (Kazi) Knighton, daughter Myisha Gomez, stepdaughter Aida Riddle, grandson Amman and his mother Virginia Myrtle Feaster, two brothers William and Ronald and lots of nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles. Cards can be sent to Maurine at 296 Stuyvesant Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11221. Donations in memory of Sekou may be made to the National Kidney Foundation at 30 E. 33rd Street, Suite 1100, New York NY 10016. Details regarding funeral arrangements will be forthcoming.

We have attached here some additional information about Sekou Sundiata and his work. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

In the words of Sekou,

All of a sudden.,

Cathy, Ann, Jordana, Milka and Emily

MAPP International Productions

Tel: 646-602-9390

excerpt from the 51st (dream) state by Sekou Sundiata:

What if we were Life

Or Liberty

Or the Pursuit of something new?

Between the rocks below

and the stars above

What if we were composed by Love?

And what if we could show

that what we dream

is deeper than what we know?

Suppose if something does not live

in the world

that we long to see

then we make it ourselves

as we want it to be

What if we are Life

Or Liberty

and the Pursuit of something new?

And suppose the beautiful answer

asks the more beautiful question,

Why don't we get our hopes up too high?

What don't we get our hopes up to high?


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MUMIA: Crimes of the CIA--June 28 '07


By Mumia Abu-Jamal
[Col. Writ. 6/28/07]

News Item: Spokesman for the CIA announced today that the American spy
agency engaged in a series of improper, and illegal acts during the
1970's. According to documents released from the era, the nations' spy
agency snooped on American dissenters, spied on U.S. journalists, and
once tried to hire someone to kill Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. The
spokesman assured reporters that was the 'old days', when things were
done without proper oversight. "Things are different now," the
unidentified CIA spokesman noted.

That was the impression from several recent articles on the U.S.
government spy agency.

The articles almost went out of its way to leave the reader with the
impression that this was a distant, almost historical revelation.
Surely this didn't happen in our day, because of something called

To anyone who has dared to look beneath the headlines, and who has
dared to ask questions, the revelations are nothing short of

There are several published sources that show us that the CIA has
violated both U.S. and international laws for generations, and is
still doing it today!

The most remarkable source is the CIA itself, in it's reports to the
U.S. Congress.

According to a report by the house Intelligence Committee, the Agency
commits hundreds of crimes - hundreds - every single day!

And this is a conservative estimate.

Investigative journalist John Kelly, in an essay entitled "Crimes and
Silence: The CIA's Criminal Acts and the Media's Silence", published
in the anthology Into the Buzzsaw: Leading journalists Expose the Myth
of a Free Press. ED, by Kristina Borjesson (Amherst, N. Y.: Prometheus
Books, 2002, tells us:

"The report was the first official admission and definition of CIA
covert operations as crimes which the committee, without explanation,
equated with essential national security operations. In other words,
the national security of the United States requires that more than one
hundred thousand extremely serious crimes be committed every year. The
committee expressed no legal or ethical concerns about these crimes.

"On the contrary, CIA offenders were portrayed as potential hapless
victims of sinister foreign authorities
opposed to their lawbreaking.
'A typical 26 year old, GS-11 case officer,' reads the study, 'has
numerous opportunities every week, by poor trade craft or inattention,
to embarrass his country and President and get agents imprisoned or

But, you would argue, doesn't this very congressional report prove
that there is oversight? Hardly. For Kelly goes on to write that in
2000, President Clinton signed into law the Intelligence Authorization
which immunizes the CIA from violating International Laws and
Treaties. In fact,
It's a law to violate the law!

Some oversight.

This is something straight from the Nazi playbook. If the State
declares it lawful, then nothing is a crime.

We need look no further than the work of the late Gary Webb, who
brilliantly documented the CIA's role in domestic drug trafficking.

His reward for such groundbreaking reporting?

A professional death sentence (and perhaps, suicide.)

The media defenders of the Agency attacked him with a vengeance, and
his paper let him go.

We've just been speaking in generalities. The CIA has committed
murders, drug trafficking, assassinations of heads of state, removal
of governments, takeovers of labor unions, destruction of
democracies--you name it

It didn't stop in 1975, any more than the attempted assassination of
Castro stopped at one try

It continues to this very day.

Generation Chickenhawk

Max Blumenthal is so frickin' cool for this drive by interview of a college republican gathering where he records the hypocrisy inherent in these cowards: all for war, none willing to fight it.

Why do we shop in their stores, watch their movies, internalize their f'd up world-views, thus encouraging them to think that the rest of the world is waiting, dying, to become their niggas?

Peace caravan to Cuba stopped at the border


July 17, 2007, 8:30am –
for immediate release

CONTACTS: IFCO/Pastors for Peace
McAllen: Ellen Bernstein 646/319-5902
New York: Lucia Bruno 212/926-5757, 347/423-4330

126 U.S. Citizens and International Activists Challenging Immoral U.S. Blockade of Cuba

The 18th Pastors for Peace caravan to Cuba approached the Pharr International Bridge at the Texas/Mexico border this morning at 6:30am. They found that the International Bridge was blocked off by local police. The caravan was diverted into the US Customs lot, where Customs and
Border Patrol officers proceeded to X-ray and search the vehicles. Nearly 50 officers spent nearly two hours unloading and reloading crutches, wheelchairs, commodes, and medical supplies from the vehicles. They located and 'detained' 12 computers from the caravan.

"This is a battle of David and Goliath – and Goliath knows that he's losing," said Rev Luis Barrios, member of the IFCO/Pastors for Peace board of directors. "What they are taking from us today is purely symbolic. They are trying to show us that they are in charge. But we know that we are the
ones in charge, and that the people's power will prevail."

The Pastors for Peace caravan, 12 brightly painted vehicles carrying 126 activists and 90 tons of aid, plans to cross into Mexico later today on its way to Cuba. The caravan is a direct nonviolent challenge of the U.S. economic blockade of Cuba, which prevents the Cuban people from accessing
much-needed supplies. The caravan also challenges the travel blockade, which seeks to prevent U.S. citizens from traveling to Cuba.

Two years ago, US government officials spent a whole day seizing computer aid– CPUs, modems, cables, and toner cartridges – from the 16th IFCO/Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba. IFCO/Pastors for Peace struggled for nearly a year to finally get that aid released. Two weeks ago,
the Bush Administration detained medical aid for Cuba at the Maine-Canada border—hospital gowns, stethoscopes, even breast pumps – although they allowed the very same sort of aid to pass into the U.S. from Vancouver, Toronto, and Winnipeg. Demonstrations continue in Canada and
the US for the release of that aid.

"We are going to allow Homeland Security a couple of weeks to reconsider their decision to seize these computers today," said Rev Lucius Walker, Jr, executive director of IFCO/Pastors for Peace. "By then we will have returned from Cuba. Our supporters around the US will have contacted their
elected officials to let them know about the pettiness of the US government's policies toward Cuba. And we will be prepared to mount yet another campaign to win the release of this humanitarian aid
for our sisters and brothers in Cuba."

"Our caravans are like water dropping onto a rock," said Rev. Diane Baker of Dallas, TX. "The rock may seem impenetrable, but we just keep on keeping on -- because the water always wins."

Pastors for Peace is a project of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO), which has been working for social justice since 1967. Photographs of the caravan are available at .

Bullard: Green issue is black and white -

Nelson Mandela is 89 today!

Report: Gang suppression doesn't work -

Underground lake discovered beneath Darfur region

Monday, July 16, 2007

Courtesy: TheBlackCommentator

The cartoon stops at 13 impeachable offenses, but the real number is around 40-45 by my count.

Army recruitment of people with criminal records on the rise

MN Rep. Ellison draws obvious analogy between Bush, Hitler

'bout time someone in power did...

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | UN confirms N Korea nuclear halt

Invisible Children :

Invisible Children : a documentary about impact Uganda's civil war has had on the young.

I saw this rough draft about two years ago in Mpls because Target was hosting/sponsoring the three Euro-American youths who went to Uganda on their leisure time.

Pan Africanism or perish.

(I think we opted for the latter, unfortunately.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

questions about for inquiries, kudos, complaints and whatnot.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Blacked Out by the Corporate Media, Impeachment Advances |

Scoop: National-Security Breaches: Time for Impeachment

Jackson: Impeachment Is the Right Response

BBC NEWS | Africa | Leaders split over African unity

BBC NEWS once again screws up with regards to Africa and PanAfricanism; Pan Africanism is not Ghaddafi's idea but was first established by Liberian Edward Blyden in the 19th century, then articulated by Marcus Garvey and WEB DuBois, etc, who later influenced the anti-imperialist/colonial philosophies of African leaders throughout the Diaspora, but folks like Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, Patrice Luamba, and MANY OTHER Black leaders in partcular, but who were targeted by the the global imperialist cabal for elimination. Read about it.

The August Review - The Global Elite: Who are they?

The August Review - is a "global-elite" think tank that specializes in the Trilateral Commission

Illusions aside, US not ready to elect Obama for nothing but rousing speech-making

Blacklogic has withdrawn from discussions of electoral politics given the lack of a true opposition party, the fealty and complicity of the Democratic Party towards the Bush Administration, and last but not least, the theft of the last two presidential elections and the disenfranchisement of voters of color; which all indicates to me that there is no real democracy to participate in.

Advertisment found on from the London metro


Bush Commutes Libby Prison Sentence | World Latest | Guardian Unlimited

Speaker Pelosi says that Bush's commutation of Libby's conviction "condone's criminal conduct."

Hey Nancy,

Why don't you and the other Dem 'leaders' stop ENABLING criminal conduct and IMPEACH the sumbitches already!

Africans press leaders for stronger measures against Sudan

"Abdelbagi Jibril, a Durfuran and Executive Director of Darfur Relief and Documentation Center (DRDC), said he believes that the AU has all it takes to restore peace to the war-ravaged Darfur region of Sudan."

Microsoft unable to prevent racism on Forza 2 on Product Reviews Net

"The problem [the Live community] is one of the game's best features but that is just the perfect way for people to express their political views or just to form a reaction, the problem comes when people use Forza 2 paintjob editor in order to create a car with a racist them..."

Quest to save Afr0/Islamic manuscripts from 1300s

The Raw Story | Woman sues US prison over son's 86-minute execution