Thursday, March 22, 2007

PINK SLIP DETONATION: courtesy mcnommo

Not the lesson they intended - Los Angeles Times

"Administrators at a LA charter school forbade students from reciting a poem about civil rights icon Emmett Till during a Black History Month program recently, saying his story was unsuitable for an assembly of young children.

RZ: What happened to Emmett Till is American History, and is reflective of an attitude millions of people still harbor against Blacks, and people of color in general.

The administrators at that school are white washers of history and detrimental to they youths whose education they have been entrusted with. Shame on them.

Black people, we NEED some boycotts around this mutha.'

Chicago policeman caught on film beating female bartender

'Groove Back' author sues ex-husband for $40M -

Stella wants more than just her groove back, apparently.

HAHAHAHAHAHa!.....sometimes you just gotta laugh -- maniacally.

Voices - High Crimes and Misdemeanors Propel Double Impeachment

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

International Criminal Court names first defendants in Darfur, Sudan Crimes

Article - Diaspora Digest

Why can the ICC name defendants in the so called Third World, but have no power to bring charges against the criminal Bush Administration?

What and who is the ICC, really?

Action alert for the Twin Cities

1. Call Congressman Keith Ellison, if you live in the Fifth Congressional District (Minneapolis), and tell him to tell Washington that his constituents won't let him vote on appropriating more money for war on Iraq and Afghanistan. U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison has publicly stated that he will not vote for more money for war on Iraq and Afghanistan. That means NO on the Supplemental Appropriations bill which is expected to reach the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives this Thursday, March 22. However, we hear that Keith is under terrific pressure from Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic caucus to vote yes on Appropriations. A yes vote means more money--$125 Billion--to keep the war going. Keith needs to be able to say that his constituents will not allow him to vote for money for war!!
Congressman Keith Ellison
612-522-1212; D.C.: 202-225-4755

2. Attend the Town Hall Forum with U.S. Senator Norm Coleman and help prevent an attack on Iran!!:

Sunday, March 25, 1:00 P.M. Sabes Jewish Community Center
4330 S. Cedar Lake Road, St. Louis Park. Free and open to the public. The title of this Town Meeting" "The Iran Crisis: How should the United States deal with Iran's Nuclear Ambitions and Hostility to the West?" is designed to frighten people into believing that Iran is an imminent nuclear threat to the West and sounds eerily similar to the build up to the war on Iraq with propaganda based on the Project for a New American Century, the neo-con plan to take over the Middle East and dominate oil supplies and more.
Presented by the Jewish Community Relations Council. Co-sponsored by: AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee), Israel Program Center of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, Minnesotans Against Terrorism, and the Sabes Jewish Community Center

3. Protest Military/Industrial/U of Minnesota/ Senate Complex

Monday, April , 7:30 AM- 11:00 P.M. McNamara Alumni Center, University of Minnesota, 200 Oak Street Southeast, Minneapolis.
Senators Coleman and Kloboucher "will contribute to the discussion on strengthening the Defense and Homeland Security Industries in Minnesota. Here is the description from the The Defense Alliance, together with the U of M's Center for the Development of Technological Leadership.
"Join us to hear from our senate leadership, and contribute to the discussion on strengthening the Defense and Homeland Security Industries in Minnesota...Stay to hear from the Center for Development of Technological Leadership. CDTL's skill set includes technology foresight and forecasting, innovation, strategic management of technology, new product and business development,science and technology policy, and intellectual property. With an eye on helping high-tech firms maximize their growth potential, CDTL shows high-tech companies how to move more adeptly within the gray zone by exploring ways to:
> . map technology strategies
> · maximize intellectual property assets
> · marshal technologies
> · stimulate innovation
> · commercialize ideas

Alzheimer's Hits 5.1 Million Americans

Friday, March 16, 2007

African-American caregivers often miss early signs of Alzheimer's

This is the disease that took my Aunt Barbara away from us on New Years Day '07.

Classic vid from the Ohio Players!

Skin Tight...


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Apple releases the iRack!

Thanks for the post Joan, and kudos to MAD TV

Mohammed's tortured testimony:

The Raw Story | Matt Lauer: Can Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's 'tortured' testimony be trusted?

Heck, if I was 'vacationing' at Gitmo with no legal representation for four years, will becoming 'intimate' with Lanley's worst, I'd confess to inventing plaid, among all sorts of things.

From the USA to the Kingdom of the Blind.

Sith devotee Darth Cheney caught in his own lies

Information Clearing House Blog

Chavez underlines support for Haiti

Al Jazeera English - News

Democratic sell outs

Dems won't attempt to limit Bush's authority to attack Iran | Jerusalem Post

Today! Urgent action needed at state capitol

Communities United Against Police Brutality
March 13, 2007
There are important happenings in both the state legislature and the Minneapolis city council that need your immediate attention. Please get involved.

Public Hearing on HF1130
Thursday, March 15
12:30 p.m.
State Office Building, Room 10
(Building adjacent to the Capitol on the west)
During a previous session, the state legislature passed a horrible law criminalizing the reporting of police brutality that can't be proven. This law was shoved into a funding bill and passed without any public hearings. Because it prohibits criticism of government officials, it is unconstitutional--an identically-worded law in California was struck down by the federal courts.

This time around, Mullery, a right-wing representative from northeast Minneapolis who runs the House Public Safety Committee, has introduced HF1130 to make this horrible law even worse. Under his proposal, the law would not only apply to reporting brutality to cops but would extend this law to cover reporting to the Attorney General's office and to attorneys who investigate cases of brutality in conjunction with internal affairs departments in rural communities. Keep in mind that the State Attorney General's office runs a hotline for racial profiling incidents. Is this an effort to frighten the community away from filing complaints about such incidents?

Come out to this public hearing and let it be known that the law itself is bad and extending it is worse. If you want to speak during the hearing, call 651-296-4262 to have your name added to the list.
Take Action to End the Lurking Ordinance
A very successful community meeting was held last week on overturning the lurking ordinance in Minneapolis. A broad coalition of groups has come together to take this effort on--and there is some work we need to do. Council member Cam Gordon is the prime mover on this effort at city hall. At the community meeting, he explained that the process starts by a council member introducing the subject. To hold public hearings, a majority (7) of the council members have to vote to let the subject go forward. Almost always, this happens as a matter of courtesy for the council member who raised the issue. However, this time we are going against some powerful forces and can't afford to take anything for granted. Some, like council president Barb Johnson, are apparently ignorant of the Constitution. See her comments in the City Pages article below. She doesn't seem to realize that cops actually need a reason to stop people and that the lurking ordinance gives them cover when they have no real reason.

We need YOU to call your council member and nicely but firmly tell them that when the subject comes up, to vote in favor of it moving forward. Even if he or she doesn't support overturning this ordinance, democracy demands at the very least that hearings are held to allow the community to air our concerns. To find your council member's contact info, go to While you're at it, thank Cam Gordon for his efforts by calling 612-673-2202 or emailing

Critics say a Minneapolis law criminalizes walking while black

What Lurks Beneath?

Dying Woman Loses Appeal on Marijuana as Medication - New York Times

Dying Woman Loses Appeal on Marijuana as Medication - New York Times

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Monday, March 12, 2007

History of Bootsy's Space Bass!

This is a brief but insightful interview for any Funkateers out there who can't get enough of P-Funk

Honoring the principles of Kwanzaa year round

Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder - METROPOLIS

BBC World Service | The Interview with Harry Belafonte

BBC World Service | The Interview with Harry Belafonte

'He dismisses the appointment of Condoleezza Rice and before her, Colin Powell, to positions of genuine power in George W Bush's administration. He has described them as "house slaves", and doesn't feel their presence has helped his cause in any way.'

Preach Harry!

Democrats say Gonzales must go - Politics -

Democrats say Gonzales must go - Politics -

Roads to Iraq » Blog Archive » A network of the US secret prisons in Africa

Roads to Iraq » Blog Archive » A network of the US secret prisons in Africa


The Raw Story | Senator calls on Treasury to investigate if Halliburton move to Dubai linked to Iran deals

The Raw Story | Senator calls on Treasury to investigate if Halliburton move to Dubai linked to Iran deals

The Raw Story | First rappers make Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Raw Story | First rappers make Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Mayans to 'cleanse' Bush site -

Mayans to 'cleanse' Bush site -

Excerpts from U.N. Darfur Report

Excerpts from U.N. Darfur Report

Friday, March 09, 2007

Cheney's Fall From Grace -- TIME

Cheney's Fall From Grace -- TIME

Dick Cheney, a 'man' whose first name is more adjective than anything else; a 'man' who had FIVE opportunities to serve his country in the military and got a deferment every time, yet rose through the corporate/political ranks to become the most hawkish vice presidential sneer ever to hold the office. Sending others off to die is his forte.

The most cowardly traitor in the annals of American History.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Blacks, Latinos need solidarity


U.S.: Black men seven times more likely to be diagnosed with HIV than whites

World Crises |

You know there are some segments in society who see these disparity reports as GOOD news. The cynic in me sees these reports as a type of nod and wink to those responsible for the inception and spread of AIDS/HIV.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Vermont Votes to Impeach Bush/Cheney - Yahoo! News

Vermont Votes to Impeach Bush/Cheney - Yahoo! News

Libby Guilty of Lying in C.I.A. Leak Case - New York Times

Libby Guilty of Lying in C.I.A. Leak Case - New York Times

How do you spell "scapegoat?"


I, like many other dupes, actually once believed Fitzg-err-ald had the cajones to go after Bush, Cheney, Rove, and expose the constitutional crisis this administration created.

Amazing. Bush is really going to escape impeachment and a criminal court for crimes against humanity, after having looted the U.S. Treasury for multiple tragic misadventures, while the last president was impeached for WHAT?!

This case was fixed from the start.

No Bravery

No Bravery

Friday, March 02, 2007

Mpls council member faces music for thoughtless high school burning statement

Though the writers and editor at Pulse give Don Samuels blanket approval for targeting the public school system, NO ONE has addressed the fundamental problem the nation's public schools face: A diverse student population being taught white supremacist curriculums.
That's my take.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


There is no political opposition. The Democrats are owned by the same interest groups that own the Republicans and Bush-Cheney.

If Clinton can be impeached by the House for lying about a sexual affair, Bush-Cheney most certainly can be impeached for committing numerous felonies by violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and spying on Americans without warrants; for deceiving Congress, the UN, and the American Public with lies about Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction; for 30,000 American casualties and hundreds of thousands of Afghan and Iraqi casualties in wars launched by lies; for violating the Geneva Conventions against torture of prisoners; for violating the US Constitution's separation of powers and protection of civil liberties; for ignoring the will of the people and continuing to pursue war despite the objection of a majority of the electorate; for changing US war doctrine to permit nuclear attack on non-nuclear powers; and, perhaps, for permitting or orchestrating the 9/11 attack in order to create a "new Pearl Harbor" to justify wars of aggression against the remaining independent Middle Eastern states.
Paul Craig Roberts

RZ: This from a conservative no less. Reread that line about the so-called opposition party; also note that the constitution says that the administration can be impeached for both high crimes and misdemeanors, so shooting your hunting buddy also merits the political gallows.