Monday, March 26, 2007

9/11 remains possibly used on roads: court papers

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AJAMES said...

Aaron James 204 474 0654, Linda James 204 632 5598, 204 889 9134 E:,
giving compelling new evidence of NWA profiling hostility, FBI illegal covert involvment, those in government responsible for government abandonment and delinquency in our plight, and the medical traumas we have suffered...(
(***Indy Media and Anomaly Television have recently approached and distributed our materials widely (see ,,, and other sites) we have appeared Live on Alex Jones feb8/07, and have been in contact with offices including Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton/ J.D. Livingstone and other prominent figures in addressing the government/ NWA /monstrosities committed against us. In addition to interface with Amnesty International, Foreign Affairs etc. We have also spoken to Monia Arar by phone, wife of Maher Arar, racial profiling victim. More recently, we have interfaced with W.A.I.F. radio, KBOO radio, Pacifica Radio and others including local radio CKUT Wpg. We have also discussed our case in person, with Monia Mazigh (Wife of Maher Arar) who attended a local conference, in follow up to past discussion with Monia by way of phone.

Mother and I profiled ATTACKED( ), aboard a NORTHWEST AIRLINES FLIGHT Jan 18 at MN Minnesota Airport , I WAS TASED, LEFT IN A POOL OF BLOOD in the MIDDLE OF the ISLE OF the NWA AIRCRAFT. Northwest Airlines has a long history of racial profiling and related hostility ( ), and MN Airport, the airport at which we were attacked, had recently introduced a ***pioneer profiling project ( near the time of the attack!!, , YOU TUBE home page: search ‘AJAMES1000’ OR ‘airlines attack’ By all appearances, A PREMEDITATED ATTACK: Profiled on NWA flight 3 days earlier prior to the attack, bags seized, note attached "This baggage has had locks cut, baggage searched due to security concerns." Yet NWA had told us they had miss-placed our luggage-It was delivered to our hotel locks cut all belongings rummaged through with the afore-detailed note appended. Upon complaint NWA staff became very hostile and ripped complaint form out of my hands when I mentioned profiling. 3 days later we made the mistake of taking Northwest Airlines flight on our return trip: Within 30 seconds of boarding we were accused of suspicious bag, I was verbally attacked in the isle for not having "acknowledged the stewardess" in the isle (this stewardess's comments: WE ARE TRAINED TO KILL BEFORE WE ARE KILLED" Plane returned to port prior to departure, 5 MN Airport Police boarded, VICIOUS ATTACK AND TASERING-I WAS LEFT IN POOL OF BLOOD-THEY THEN ATTEMPT TO CONFINE MY MOTHER TO AIRCRAFT- Jailed, No mirranda, calling card sabotaged to cut off access to outside communication in conjunction with FBI interrogation.

MEDIA-GOVERNMENT SUPPRESSION OF THIS MATERIAL, INTERNET THREATS LEFT BY SELF IDENTIFYING FBI, Wire Tapping Followed, Voice Mail deletions and threats on answering machines of self and associates, SABOTAGED LEGAL MAIL, computer viruses sent to self and associates, *SECRET TRIAL WITH members and/or affiliates of FBI, NSA, CIA, MN POLICE, MILITARY, PROSECUTING ATTORNEYS, AND, NWA EMPLOYEES (the very airline on which we were attacked!) ON JURY POOL ITSELF!- FBI agents creating you tube and Blogger/ My Space accounts to interface with me and leave self identifying (agent 94349) threatening messages.tribunal jury pool evidence:

Tried by Judge David S. Doty-X-U.S. MARINE WITH CHARGES AGAINST HIM!!! SEE MID-SECTION OF URL: THREATENED TO HAVE U.S. MARSHALS "GET (US)"!! (I currently sleep with my door barricaded...)

My family and I have approached all of he following members of office in the capacity of requesting governmental advocacy and resource. All have steadfastly refused us any and all assistance: Senator Patrick Leahy 202 224 4242 (, Vic Toews Minister of Justice (613) 992-3128, also (204) 326-9889 ,Governor Tim Pawlenty (651) 296-3391 ( -Pawlenty’s Racial prejudice exposed at this site), Senator Mark Dayton ( ) 612-727-5220
, ACLU rep. Mr. Janelle Jaffer ( 212 519 7814 ( ) , Foreign Affairs rep. Nancy Collins (1 –800 267 6788) ( , MP Pat Martin ( ) 204 984 1675, MP Bill Graham 613 996 6740, Stockwell Day ( (613) 995-1702, MN Human Rights Department David L.Castledine 651-296-9046, NAACP Legal Dept Anson Aasaka , Canadian Human Rights Candace-Crystal Rock 1-888-643 3304 or 613 947 7279,(, United States Institute for Peace, Center For Constitutional Rights Barbera Olshansky ( ) 212 614 6464, and many others-have all refused us any and all assistance-We have been left completely bereft at the hands of governmental tyranny threat and intimidation, silently suffering and living in a state of terror, while government-mainstream media aligned efforts have acted jointly in suppressing and censoring public knowledge of these violations.

FBI Illegal At My Home In Canada:

In Addition to secret trial with government threats collusion and intimidation-In addition to Judge Doty’s threat of U.S. Marshal attack upon us,
Note that FBI HAVE COME ILLEGALLY UP INTO CANADA AND WERE AT MY HOME JAN 27/06 11PM. Visual eye contact made with one FBI agent Marc Rensch, one of two FBI agents that had been interrogating me in the holding cell during the illegal detention.
It is poignant to note that illegal FBI activity in Canada has been widely reported (

All involved have been traumatized. Medical evidence of Trauma: My mother and I have both suffered from heart palpitations, and I, suffering additionally from the effects of the multiple attacks yielded with 50000 volt tasers, have been hospitalized 6 times over the last several months, and given nitro-patch treatment in attendance to heart attack like symptoms. Compounding the difficulty of these heart palpitation attacks, upon waking in cold sweats with these symptoms, is the effort required to first remove the barricade from my door in the middle of the night, in order to admit the ambulance attendants into my home…

To Contact:
Aaron James 204 474 0654 Linda James 204 632 5598 or 204 889 9134 No email left because they currently tamper with that as well (as well as sending us internet based threats on YOUTUBE by creating accounts to enable them to interface with me...)