Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Action alert for the Twin Cities

1. Call Congressman Keith Ellison, if you live in the Fifth Congressional District (Minneapolis), and tell him to tell Washington that his constituents won't let him vote on appropriating more money for war on Iraq and Afghanistan. U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison has publicly stated that he will not vote for more money for war on Iraq and Afghanistan. That means NO on the Supplemental Appropriations bill which is expected to reach the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives this Thursday, March 22. However, we hear that Keith is under terrific pressure from Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic caucus to vote yes on Appropriations. A yes vote means more money--$125 Billion--to keep the war going. Keith needs to be able to say that his constituents will not allow him to vote for money for war!!
Congressman Keith Ellison
612-522-1212; D.C.: 202-225-4755

2. Attend the Town Hall Forum with U.S. Senator Norm Coleman and help prevent an attack on Iran!!:

Sunday, March 25, 1:00 P.M. Sabes Jewish Community Center
4330 S. Cedar Lake Road, St. Louis Park. Free and open to the public. The title of this Town Meeting" "The Iran Crisis: How should the United States deal with Iran's Nuclear Ambitions and Hostility to the West?" is designed to frighten people into believing that Iran is an imminent nuclear threat to the West and sounds eerily similar to the build up to the war on Iraq with propaganda based on the Project for a New American Century, the neo-con plan to take over the Middle East and dominate oil supplies and more.
Presented by the Jewish Community Relations Council. Co-sponsored by: AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee), Israel Program Center of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, Minnesotans Against Terrorism, and the Sabes Jewish Community Center

3. Protest Military/Industrial/U of Minnesota/ Senate Complex

Monday, April , 7:30 AM- 11:00 P.M. McNamara Alumni Center, University of Minnesota, 200 Oak Street Southeast, Minneapolis.
Senators Coleman and Kloboucher "will contribute to the discussion on strengthening the Defense and Homeland Security Industries in Minnesota. Here is the description from the The Defense Alliance, together with the U of M's Center for the Development of Technological Leadership.
"Join us to hear from our senate leadership, and contribute to the discussion on strengthening the Defense and Homeland Security Industries in Minnesota...Stay to hear from the Center for Development of Technological Leadership. CDTL's skill set includes technology foresight and forecasting, innovation, strategic management of technology, new product and business development,science and technology policy, and intellectual property. With an eye on helping high-tech firms maximize their growth potential, CDTL shows high-tech companies how to move more adeptly within the gray zone by exploring ways to:
> . map technology strategies
> · maximize intellectual property assets
> · marshal technologies
> · stimulate innovation
> · commercialize ideas

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AJAMES said...

Aaron James, Linda James, Racial profiling Victims, EXPOSE RACIAL PREJUDICE and JUDICIAL CORRUPTION rampant within the State of Minnesota, and many related cases of such, as providing corroborative evidence of and exposing the racial bigotry hatred and corruption responsible for our ill- treatment.

Contact: 204 474 0654 (Aaron James) 204 632 5598 (Linda James),
website: for full disclosure details and YouTube video presentation.


Having been profiled and attacked in Minneapolis Minnesota aboard a Northwest Airlines flight, Jan18th /06, we were unaware of the concentrated innate racial prejudice and hostility prevalent and notorious within the State of Minnesota.
The following excerpts expose all of this and much more.

:Having been profiled and attacked in Minneapolis and then railroaded by a fundamentally corrupted judiciary, this article sheds light on the extent of corruption we have been dealing with:

“Corruption and judicial misconduct stands to triumph over human rights within the Hennepin County District Court”,,
The article reads as follows: “According to the non-profit Council on Crime and Justice, Minnesota has the highest rate of over prosecution of Blacks in the nation. According to the Minneapolis based police watchdog group Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB) Clark has encountered and exposed corruption and misconduct in the Hennepin County judiciary used specifically to “railroad police brutality victims and others,” corruption that contributes to such aforementioned disparity in prosecution.”

“Presently, the Hennepin County court system, and hence, the Minnesota criminal justice system, is undergoing serious, and possibly self inflicted wounds to its integrity.
…Minnesota Board of Judicial Standards …doesn't do squat and seems to exist to protect wayward judges…We will continue to organize our Hands Off Jill Clark campaign and a counteroffensive campaign of going against the corruption in the Hennepin County courts”

Evidence of the above is overt within the elements of the judicial railroading we experienced:

1. Our judge, David S. Doty illegally threatened us against U.S. MARSHAL ABDUCTION likening them to bloodhounds, threatening they would hunt me down in Canada (which is an illegal notion in and of itself) despite my being innocent and wrongly profiled and accused. Judge Doty’s Threats Rendition: We have been warned to take his threats VERY SERIOUSLY (as detailed further below) and I cite many instances of such illegal U.S. Marshal brutality and covert conduct within the scope of this article further on below.

2. Judge Doty, who illegally threatened us as cited above, has previous charges of judicial misconduct against him!!
His name can be seen on the “Citizens for Legal Responsibility” web page citing federal judges with outstanding charges at the following URL:


4. We were Threatened into silence at our ‘trial’-IN PART AGAINST THE DISCLOSURE OF “Inflammatory anti-government materials” that were intercepted on the internet by FBI (who also logged on to my webspace to leave threatening messages.) This is evidence that it has now become a ‘crime’ to speak out against government and corporate tyranny- THE DEFINITION OF MARTIAL LAW.
In a Jan15/06 Global research Column, It states clearly how Bush continues to erode the foundation of democracy: “The Justice Dept. opened a criminal investigation and subpoenaed records of Internet messages posted by Bush`s critics. ( And, the Justice Dept. even indicted Greenpeace for a protest ( that was so lame the federal judge threw out the case.”
“Bush's war …was then elevated to surveillance, monitoring, and legal actions against disruptor organizations. The FBI conducts political surveillance and obtains intelligence filed in its database on Bush administration critics , such as civil rights groups (e.g., ACLU), antiwar protest groups (e.g., United for Peace and Justice) and environmental groups (e.g., Greenpeace).

My mother was threatened against accusation of perjury and jail if she testified.

I on the other hand was threatened against what was referred to as “Inflammatory Anti-Patriotic Information” that had been intercepted by FBI on the internet- it was material made in protest of the violations incurred upon us in the context of the profiling attack upon us. They said to me, “Look what we have on you” in self-satisfied sinister intonation. “You testify and all of this comes out before the jury- and look at the jury…FBI (paused for impact)…NSA…these are the spooks”
“Stella Levy, coalition member and attorney, summed up the real agenda of the Patriot Act - and why it has united such a wide variety of organizations in opposition to it. “The Patriot Act criminalizes dissent in the exercise of our Constitutional rights,” she said.”

Stella states further they will “not tolerate spying on peace activist organizations; investigations and other actions against “dissident” citizens;”

I had quoted from several reputable sources that were used to falsely implicate me with ‘political dissidence’ and thereby falsely incriminate me politically beyond the context of the trial itself!.
I had quoted from the following sources:
Von Klauschwitz "War is the continuation of politics by other means,.." said
and another of his famous statements “The Greatest Enemy in War is War itself.”

I had quoted from Pastor Martin Niemöller in his rendition “First They Came For the Jews” in outlining the gathering pretext for Martial Law
I had quoted from selected articles and essays by Michel Chossudovsky, scholar publicist and analyst on Global affairs in which one of his articles reveals several exposures behind the lies surrounding 911, stating “"Millions of people have been misled regarding the causes and consequences of September 11.When people across the US and around the World find out that Al Qaeda is not an outside enemy but a creation of US foreign policy and the CIA, the legitimacy of the bipartisan war agenda will tumble like a deck of cards." (Michel Chossudovsky, War and Globalization, The Truth behind September 11, 2002)”
Propagation of knowledge that is punished and deemed criminal is hard evidence of martial law and tyrannical corruption in practice.

5. Robert Jones, our ‘defense’ attorney at law, had by all appearances aligned himself WITH THE PROSECUTION-corroborative detail of his treachery is outlined herein:

6. Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility was entirely dismissive in dealing with our complaint of judicial misconduct on the part of Robert Jones. ***The article above (,) exposes the corrupt consorting between the judiciary and the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility, among many other things.)

7. Our Trial was a complete façade from beginning to end and was exemplary of courtroom corrupting and consorting as well as judicial misconduct see:

8. The Entire Ordeal Encompassing the Profiling Attack upon us and its handling is laced with improprieties consistent with abuses of authority and position and those in power acting in complete deriliction of duty: I summarize this on my website in the following URL:


1. Parallel Incident almost IDENTICAL to my own!- reported to me by BLACK PASTOR IN WHEATON MINNESOTA- VICTIM OF FALSE POLICE ACCUSATIONS AND FRAMING, THREATENED BY POLICE TO CONTACT PASTOR BARNES: 1 320 563 0208 African American Pastor Barnes of Wheaton MN profiled by police, falsely accused of assault on police in same manner Minneapolis Police had framed my family and then threatened by police that if he does not ‘leave town’ something may happen to him…
2. “MN Study Shows Racial Profiling Patterns”
3. Minneapolis Airport Profiling Project Exposed- Racial Profiling under the auspicious guise of “Behavioural Profiling”
4. Bad Cops Web Site, Minnesota:
5. Minneapolis Police Vicious Beating of Multiracial Family-father, WIFE…AND CHILD!,
6. Communities United Against Police Brutality/ Minneapolis –article exposes corruption and violence of MN Police Department: “After years of trying to get people to believe us that corruption is a problem in the Minneapolis police department, we are feeling just so vindicated…”

7. Family of man killed by Minneapolis police wants federal investigation
8. …(Minneapolis) police attacked Flowers in front of many witnesses as he talked on a cell phone outside of the Minneapolis Urban League office. During the attack, an officer choked Flowers so vigorously that witnesses testified that "his tongue was hanging out and his eyes were bugged out." During the trial, five police officers were caught lying on the stand or were shown to have falsified their reports. Computer records were used to show that these officers accessed and changed their reports over and over to line up with each other and with the videotapes… Falsifying reports and "testilying" by cops are nothing new in this town (MN) but it's rare to see it proven so starkly.”
9. Article “The Color Of Justice” Minnesota leads the nation in the rate at which it imprisons non-whites. For every white person sent to prison in Minnesota, 21 people of color are imprisoned.

10. Minneapolis Park Police Profile Black Pastor Rev. Terry Williams:

11. Minneapolis Governor Tim Pawlenty’s Racist Overtones Against Minorities in his political Campaign:

12. 6 IMAMS OF MUSLIM BACKGROUND PROFILED At Minneapolis Airport and Humiliated “They took us off the plane, humiliated us in a very disrespectful way," said Omar Shahin, of Phoenix.”

Other ***RECENT Noteable Cases in other cities or corroboratie example of Government Corruption Racial Tyrany Profiling discrimination and related Oppression:

· Arar ‘Extraordinary Rendition” Torture Sanctioned by U.S. Congress and United States Dept. Justice:


· “Ethnic Profiling and the War on Terrorism abourd Northwest Airlines Flight 42 …All (12) Muslims on Board Were Handcuffed” “12 passengers, all Indian businessmen/traders in textile, all of them Muslims, 10 of them from Mumbai, were handcuffed and detained, after the Northwest Airlines flight No. 42 with US sky marshals on board on its way to Mumbai , was escorted by F-16 fighter jets back to Amsterdam…After several hours a statement was made by the Dutch authorities that they were " NOT TERRORISTS ".

· Arbitrary Secretive No-Fly List Reaches Canada-already begins wrongfully persecuting Canadians. Allison Baker “We went up to the agent and he said, 'Oh, well the reason why you can't
check in is because your name is on our security list. You come up as a
security threat… the agent wouldn't say why her name was on the
list, or exactly what kind of list it was.(Shades of Arbitrary Bill C36 Security Certificates…”

· Arbitrary U.S. Blacklisting of Minorities at Border : March 14, 2007 Canadian physicist still seeking answers after beingblacklisted while on 2004 trip UNB academic baffled by U.S. border ban Globe and Mail
Karim Meziane (of Algerian Descent) has spent the past three years wondering why he's no longer welcome inthe United States.
The U.S. embassy in Ottawa, where Dr. Meziane's complaint is lodged, declined to comment. "I don't have any information on that story," said spokesman Patrick Linehan, who would not elaborate… To this day, Dr. Meziane has received no further explanation from the U.S. government”
· Muslim doctor kicked off United Air flight for praying –
Ahmed Farooq, residing in my home city, a muslim 4th year radiology resident, profiled and kicked of aircraft.

· PREJUDICE IN POLICE PROFILING ARTICLE “the authors maintain that prejudice is a source of profiling.”

· FRANK Jude victim of RACIAL HATRED BEATING in Milwaukee by a group of 12 off duty police at a party gathering. Court Room Corruption and innate bigotry within the courts villified the victim, Frank Jude, thereafter. A civil suit is currently pending.

Photos of the assault:
Frank Jude Beating photo-skull smashed, almost killed, critical condition.
Justice for Jude Website:

… “THE BRUTAL POLICE WHO WALKED FREE… AN ALL-WHITE jury let three former Milwaukee police officers go free in the vicious beating of an African American man (Frank Jude, photo above).



· Illegal FBI Operations Exposed on Foreign Soil- In Canada…

· “Murderous U.S. Judges” “In murderous U.S, Judges we trust” Judiciary corruption and tyranny exposed herein.

Since the attack upon us, we have received many warnings corroborating the racial tyranny threat and danger amongst elements of the judiciary and state which has persecuted us and terrorized us for over 14 months now.

Many Warnings:
Ø Colin Brown African Canadian Legal Clinic 416 214 4747- “I wouldn’t be so concerned about the sentencing but more so if you’ll wind up dead.”
Ø Jack Mc Lamb Military and Police against the New World Order Phoenix Arizona 208 935 7852, formerly their most highly decorated officer: “I know These people (FBI, Government etc) are killers and murderers- I would take their threats very seriously.”
Ø Ian Hu Parkdale Legal Clinic Ontario: Phone: 416-531-2411 U.S. Marshals have been known to abduct…for this reason we recommend a conciliatory approach.”
Ø Jill Clarke Law Office in Minneapolis: secretary “The KKK are most likely already involved by now…” Jill has worked extensively in exposing the tyranny within the Minneapolis Judiciary and the railroading of police brutality victims.
Ø Esteemed Professor and Law Expert Warns Of Police State
Francis A Boyle says 9/11 was allowed to happen, war on terror is facilitating the downfall of The Republic, concentration camps are in place and US citizens are the targets Dr Franics A. Boyle literally helped write the law with regards to terrorism, as he was responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989
excerpts from this cite: “find out why your life and your freedoms are endangered by the criminal actions of Gerald M. Levin, former CEO of AOL Time Warner Inc., and his co-conspirators who successfully corrupted the due administration of justice in U.S. Federal courts, to the point, where U.S. District judge James M. Ideman sent two U.S. Marshals to murder Hungarian-born American filmmaker Gyorgy Fodor in retaliation for his efforts to expose their crimes to the American people.” (many more examples of such on this site)

US Marshals, local police stage nationwide mass arrests –A PREXTEXT OF MARTIAL LAW TO COME:
Code-named Operation Falcon, for Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally,The Justice Department, (THE SAME ONE THAT SANCTIONED THE TORTURE OF MAHER ARAR AND 100’S SINCE 2001)meanwhile, supplied the television networks government-shot action videotape of Marshals and local cops raiding homes and breaking down doors. The footage was aired on news programs, accompanied by commentary that uncritically parroted the claims made by the department.”
Moreover, the police dragnet and congressional consideration of the Patriot Act have both unfolded in the context of a generalized assault on the US constitutional system of checks and balances and a drive to assert unprecedented power for the executive branch. In the final analysis, the organization of nationwide mass arrests is a raw exercise of this power.
… “the high-profile role played by Gonzales in the announcement and the repeated invocation of terrorism suggest other, more ominous, motives.
The announcement comes barely one week after Gonzales went before the Senate Judiciary Committee to urge renewal of sections of the USA Patriot Act that are set to expire at the end of this year.”

Ø U.S. Martials Abductions in Foreign Contries Rampant: My family and I (Canadian Citizens) have been threatened against U.S. Marshal Abduction by corrupted factions of the MN Judiciary: ( )–the following article illustrates the severity of this threat: “Since 9/11, there has been a significant increase in what are nothing more than U.S.-directed abductions of individuals in foreign countries, with or without the consent, let alone the knowledge, of the government on whose territory the kidnapping occurs. (Lacking permission of the foreign government makes a difference only in terms of that country's laws, not international law.) What is as worrying as the increased use of this tactic is the greater tolerance for and justification of its use against "terrorists" by apologists for centralized government power.

Ø U.S. Marshal Kidnapping Petition Exposes U.S. MARSHAL and INTERPOL involvement in illegal abductions and the fundamental corruption within the system:
“Whereas this kidnapping was executed by the U.S. embassy in Honduras, Joseph Stowell, known and unknown agents of Interpol, unknown agents of the U.S. Marshals service, and known agents of Austin County, Texas,

Whereas Interpol and the U.S. Marshals service deny participation even in the light of overwhelming evidence to the contrary,

Whereas Freedom of information act requests to the State Department, Interpol, and U.S. Marshals have not been answered in good faith”

Ø Monia Mosigh , wife of Maher Arar ( ), a Canadian taken to Syria by U.S. and tortured for 1 year falsely accused of terrorist ties and recently proven innocent in a public inquiry: We spoke to Monia in person at a convention wherein she revealed that the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Congress Sanctioned their TORTURE as well as that of 100’s of others since 2001.