Monday, December 05, 2005

BBC NEWS | Africa | Powerful quake rocks East Africa


TrixieKat said...

How do you pick which articles to post? It seems like you're leaving a lot out (obviously you have too or your blog would be huge). How do you decide what is worthy and what is not?

Two Tone said...

Thanks for being the first to comment on my new site TrixieKat. Your question cuts right to the miasma so let me answer it as concisely as I can.

I just quit my desk job as an editor at a local paper to try this blogging thing out, so all the glitches and technical problems I hope to improve upon.

Thus far I'll admit that I'd like to post a lot more than I am currently fromt the multiple sources of good information still out there. I peruse well known alternative sites which link to others of similar progressive spirit.

IMHO, the mainstream media has played itself out so dramatically, and has been so corrupted by access drunk celeb reporters or just flat out liars, that I view blogging ( a word I once hated) as the form true journalism has taken, and I want our community to be in on the ground level.

For every article we post there are about 3-30 that day that I'd like to include, but I also have trouble getting images on; i.e., I have 188 images from the MMM in October, butthe blogger site here just can't seem to upload 'em. AND, it reposted the same 4-5 images over again (see the bottom).

I am always hoping that visitors to Blacklogic.blogspot will hit me up with new info and sources, so long as they are positive and committed to human rights for everybody, acceptance more than tolerance, and yes, and especially a pro-Pan African sensibility. Once in a while the MSM will get something right, and we will use it, but that house of cards is falling.

A Pan African perspective is inclusive of non African descended sources and allies, hence that's why more than half of my links are sites like The Raw Story,, and the Center for Constitutional Rights, because we can all do without the fallacious propadanda accepted by too many as journalism.

Let me know again in a week/ month, if you see any improvement in our selection our not. Thanks,