Monday, December 12, 2005

First Pryor moments

I heard parts of my first Richard Pryor album with my ear pressed against the other side of a door my mom and her friends had shut to keep us children from listening in. We were AME folks and once in a while the 'rents would play the borderline holy-roller.

It was as much an adventure listening to them laugh to the point of breathlessness as it was discerning what the joke was -- cause we knew we were hearing some raw shiz-nit. And if they were laughing, it must have been raw. Every once in a while one of the parents would audibly start for the door to let us know, that they knew, we were trying to listen in. It was a great game; who knew that those days would be so golden compared to now, cause it wasn' t easy then.

I think they knew we heard a listened everytime, but needed cover, since we were always warned to "watch our language."

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