Tuesday, December 13, 2005

GM to Nearly Triple India Production - Yahoo! News

Maybe it's time we boycott GM, and Coca-Cola, and Nike, the mainstream press (print, televised, etc.)

I wonder, if I had pursued the corporate dreams placed upon me by various mentors, if I'd be laying someone off right now, or foreclosing on someone's home.

Why is it, that when Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks forced a boycott of MOntgomery buses, no one subsequently considered how effective boycotts could be against more than one deserving target -- I mean an indefinite, sustained boycott of say, 500 companies (?) traditionally hostile to Black progress, since Black dollars do provide the profit margins for so many. Could Jessie and Sharpton make the call, or are they and other so called Black leaders in the pocket of the fortune 500?

MLK must be proud...not.


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