Friday, January 27, 2006

Minneapolis Plantation, lapdog media, drives School Supt. Dr. Thandiwe Peebles out

By anyone's account, Dr. Peebles would have statues built in her honor for what she has done to the hopelessly b esieged Mpls Public schools, lorded over by an elitist school board body consisting mostly of reps from the city's well to do southwest side.

The traditional guardians of the white mecca that is the Twin Cities have, in the last 18 months, closed more than 20 inner city schools, booted out the one person who seemed truly devoted to eliminating educational disparities between students of various ethnicities, and raised the achievement levels and test scores for students city wide.

Blacklogic wishes Dr. Peebles the best in all and whatever her future endeavors may be. Shame on the Mpls Public School Board.


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