Tuesday, December 26, 2006

'Person of the Year': You - Technology -

From JM:

Time's online voters actually selected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The last paragraph lists Gates and wife, Bono, Bush and "the American soldier" as previous winners placed on Time's person of the year cover. It is only with Chavez that they seem to have to justify his win--by the people.

[What a hoot! Internet voters named Hugo Chavez Person of the
Year on TIME's own website, with 35% of the total votes. So TIME
named US, the internet voters, "Person of the Year" (rather than
having to put Chavez on their cover, they have a computer screen).

"You" beat Ahmadinejad (who got 21%) and Kim Jong Il (2%) and James
Baker and Condi Rice and George the Moron, all of whom got less
than 20% of the votes. One of their stupid nominees was "the YouTube
guys," whatever that means. They didn't garner many votes either.
Not mentioned in the quote below, of course, is the REAL winner
"You" chose: Hugo Chavez. The joke's on TIME. -NY Transfer]

'Person of the Year': You - Technology -

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