Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jill Clark Defense Update


Judicial Misconduct in Hennepin County

By Rashard Zanders

There are new developments in the judicial misconduct complaint filed by attorney Jill Clark against Hennepin County District Court Chief Justice Lucy Wieland.

In a letter dated December 26 from the Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards, Executive Secretary David S. Paull has informed attorney Jill Clark that the board has received her letter, dated December 9. It reads:

"The Board has decided to consider your letter at its next meeting. In your letter, you refer to evidence in your possession that has not yet been presented to the Board. If you have statements or other documents relating to your complaint that have not been forwarded, the Board would be happy to review them when it reviews your letter. In order to assure distribution to the Board, please submit this evidence by mail on or before Tuesday, January 16, 2007."

And it is signed, "Yours truly, David S. Paul, Executive Secretary."

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