Monday, September 10, 2007

MPD going after cyclist/protestors

The Minneapolis Police Force has been off the rails for a long, long time, becoming more and more reliant on brutality and oppression of our Constitutionally guaranteed right to freedoms of speech and assembly. The new police chief has wasted little time in demoting several qualified officers of color and women from positions as precinct commanders and inspectors (Lt. Lee Edwards, 4th Pct, Valerie Wurster, 3rd, to name two.) Chief Tim Dolan now has the all white boys club we weren't too long removed from.

Now they are going after activists gearing up to protest the 2008 Republican National Convention here in the Twin Cites, and the lockdown has already begun, because, while activists are prepping and honing their rights, law enforcement agencies and the weak-kneed mayors (Rybak) and city councils that let them violate our rights with impunity are honing their draconian 'talents' as well.

This following is a statement from Communities United Against Police Brutality issued Sept. 1 -- I was Missou for the weekend and this was my first time hearing about what happened to the riders of the monthly Critical Mass ride:

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