Wednesday, March 04, 2009

MN progressives launch seven major lawsuits against RNC police misconduct


In the autumn of 2008, when thousands of good citizens came to St. Paul to express their political will for the next four years, a smaller group came for the purpose of denying those thousands their political freedoms. This group conspired to disrupt our lovely city’s normal flow of commerce and liveability.

These conspirators met clandestinely, all around the country, planning their moves. They had training videos on how to neutralize and disrupt the regular citizens. They purchased new weapons, they appeared in strange formations. They were disguised behind masks. And many of them moved in line with called-out, seemingly planned drills. Many dressed in black as they moved in “black blocks.”

These were the 6500 law enforcement interlopers. And when they left, they left behind much damage to our people, our society and our liberties.

On Thursday, 26 February, seven individual law suits will be filed in the Federal courts, suits against individual officers and the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis and Ramsey County.

Plaintiffs Michelle Gross, Mike Whalen, Wendy Binion, Mick Kelly, Alex Lilly and Betsy Raasch-Gilman will appear at the press conference at William Mitchell College of Law on the 26th at 3:30 to address the press. These plaintiffs will be available for questions from the press members.

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