Monday, May 10, 2010

Judge orders MPD chief Dolan to follow the law

You'd think that'd be simple for an "officer of the law."

Increasingly, as an activist and writer who still believes in the need for law and public safety, the police apparatus in place today is not up to the task, and in my opinion, acts as a national criminal class protected by the badge."

from the report:
Under Minneapolis ordinance 172.130, the police chief is required to make disciplinary decisions on sustained CRA cases “based on the adjudicated facts as determined by the civilian review authority board.”

The recently released CRA 2009 Annual Report and the previously released CRA Participation in Performance Review of MPD Chief Dolan provide ample documentation of Chief Dolan’s refusal to accept CRA findings and refusal to discipline based on those findings. The 2009 Annual Report states “the MPD continued to use insufficient evidence and disagreement with the evidence as a reason for not imposing corrective action on officers who received sustained complaints” (p. 20-21).

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