Friday, November 05, 2010

Appeasmening the GOP is doing Obama in

This quote is from a reader on RAWSTORY, responding to defeated Fla. dem congressman Alan Grayson's assertion that Obama's appeasement of the GOP led to the "shellacking" of Dems on Tuesday.

Very true words here:

"Obama: joined Bush to bail the banks that they may continue their depredations upon the rest of us; expanded Afghanistan--immolating American thugs and Afghan patriots to be re-elected and show himself all manned-up for the Repubs; continues Iraq; continues Gitmo; fails to prosecute the war criminals of the previous administration, making his own even more complicit in their crimes; dithers about foreclosures; expands Bagram, where Afghans and others may be tortured to death by the CIA without any oversight; expands drone attacks whereby American “heroes” annihilate the wedding parties of innocent ("terrorist") Afghans by flipping a switch at Nelson AFB; makes sure meaningful health care reform will NOT occur; bails the companies who then coolly outsource more jobs; takes direction from BP; and makes certain real banking reform will not get Citibank’s panties in a twist. In short, Obama joins the powerful in making sure this crisis reduces plain American to the peonage the powerful want. No more unions, no more living wages--just the workers in their place, happy to be wage slaves.

If you voted for Obama, you really weren't listening. He is and always has been a right-wing tool."

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