Monday, February 02, 2015

Minneapolis's insidious policing practices exacerbate racial disparities....don't drink the MN nice kool aid!


"Hightlights of findings....

􀂾 For the select low level offenses in Minneapolis, the rates for receiving a citation or being
arrested in 2001 were:
o Whites: 1 in 60
o Blacks: 1 in 4
􀂾 Blacks were 15 times more likely than Whites to be either arrested or cited.
􀂾 Significant racial disparity occurs at point of contact between police and citizen.
􀂾 Disparity is not as evident as cases move forward from point of contact between police and
citizen, but is still found at some points of time in the process and is also extremely skewed
given the race of those who enter the process.
􀂾 Conviction rates for arrests are very small.
􀂾 21.9% of all people arrested were convicted (Black 19.3%, White 25.9%).
􀂾 Less than a third of the people charged have felony and/or gross misdemeanor convictions.
􀂾 Over 70% of the people charged have no prior convictions or only misdemeanor convictions.
􀂾 Multiple arrests of people who have no or few convictions occur much more frequently for
Blacks than Whites."

"The study compares the tab
charging mechanism to the other allowable methods by which a
criminal charge is brought against a defendant. The study then
discusses why tab charging tends to aggravate the racial
disparity endemic to the Minnesota criminal justice system."

Concerning police methods of arrest Minneapolis and how they exacerbate racial disparities.

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