Friday, January 30, 2015

Tribute: The Thinkers who created Philosophy Born of Struggle -----------thank you!

Rashard Zanders, Twin Cities, MN -- Hey just wanna wish everyone a happy, blessed and safe weekend. 

Here are some other movers and shakers just as important in the struggle for civil and human rights as MLK and Malcolm, but whom are largely marginalized by western academia and media. However, I am proud to call myself a student of African Philosophy, it is the one thing that has kept me centered and balanced through the never ending drama and bs that seems to find me, and gives me faith in the Diaspora and our eventual unity.
In these thinkers we had the answers all the time. These people called it, warned us, taught us, about the violent and lying beast we thought we could humanize. These Philosophers stand head and shoulders above the whole of western philosophy (Marx, you're not in that indictment!) devoid of ethics, imperialist and of the sole purpose to obfuscate our awareness of the master plan -- worldwide slavery.

W.E.B. Dubois

Assata Shakur

Audrey Lorde

bell hooks

Cheik Anta Diop

Edward Wilmot Blyden

Frantz Fanon

Ida B. Wells

John Henrick Clarke

Jomo Kenyatta

Patrice Lumumba

Dr. Manning Marable

Marcus Garvey

Kwame Nkrumah

Fr l to r, Bobby Seal and Huey Newton

Paul Robeson

Philosophy borne of struggle. It trumps philosophy borne in obfuscation and deception every time.

Rashard Zanders is a writer and artist eeking out the barest modicum of an existence in the Twin Cities, MN.  With his lovely cat Thrilla they continue to spread the light of truth hither and thither, kinda the way the City of Chicago slings road salt in winter time.  He can be reached via email at 

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