Friday, January 23, 2015

The guy blaming everyone else was the guy doing the plagiarism, fyi -- I know because he got me in 2003.

Rashard Zanders, Twin Cities, MN -- Plagiarism is uncool.  I remember freelancing for this weekly Black "paper" once that wasn't Insight or the MSR. My article, which included my first time meeting North-side councilwoman Natalie Johnson Lee (Mpls), sat in limbo for about a month before it ran...and when it did, there was only one change on it, and that was in the byline. Someone posted their name next to mine for a story they didn't work on. I remember warning folks at the time but I never knew what happened to the paper or the editor until his face scrolled by in the "connections" of my LinkedIn page, fraudulent sneer leering at me from my screen, it brought back some bad memories, and reminds me that many people fail to look beneath the surface.  Present and slick, well-marketed lie and you're in business.

City Pages ran this piece in 2009. Smdh.

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