Saturday, January 17, 2015

Economic disparities, police brutalities, torture in our prisons and abroad, police state-war economy: When do we say Enough?

Saturday, January 17, 2015 noon

Rashard Zanders, Twin Cities, MN -- A culture that rapes and steals land from one People and enslaves another People from another land to build their Utopia -- using rape, murder, deception, mis-education and lessons from the Bible -- could be expected in it's time to achieve at best a culture of permanent disparity.

The genocidal origins of the Land of the Free(land) and the Home of the alleged Brave would not beget an subsequent racial melting pot never had, and seems apparent that it never will. What we have inherited are: hyper violent power-and-control mechanisms via the military (this has always included the police as an occupying force), a propaganda machine believed by the masses to be innocuous entertainment (Hollywood) or reliable news (majority of Euro-centric news sources, many so-called alternatives presses and websites) participates, (under the umbrella of only 6 corporations) in a long practiced art of obfuscation, dismissal and/or outright distortions of issues facing communities of color.

Here's to hoping 2015 witnesses a re-invigoration of the spiritual radical traditions of the ancestors we honor but whose wisdom we rarely feel the need to heed.  Cable and Dish are just too damn fun I suppose. But if you've stayed with me thus far you already know we are connected to a global struggle for Human Rights, a Pan-African struggle that transcends religion, creed, gender, sexuality, but is exclusively and violently exercised against people of color.  Black people, with or without our "allies" must confront this damning indictment of American history, culture and policy.  It is a prism through which all American history and  policies needs to be viewed.  It is a prism via which Blacks must learn to profile all the beneficiaries and institutions of white privilege.

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