Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Enthusiastic killer of Brown People elevated to Amerikkkan sainthood thanks to Clint Eastwood film "American Sniper"

Rashard Zanders, Twin Cities, MN -- This month, the beginning of the new year we witnessed two Hollywood productions, which by default means propaganda but that's for another story, that reflect the myriad divisions and the central dichotomy  between whom white Americans perceive to be heroes, and the heroes of African Americans.  African Americans aren't permitted violent, assertive masculine assassins for their cause. Maybe athletes, singers, or men of status without substance who have successfully imitated the oppressor's dress, style and values that only skin tone helps tell them apart.

What we have been spoon fed as the African America form of heroism is defined by the most passive and meek interpretations of Civil Rights warriors, many of whom were, and are bona fide radicals.  However, the radical legacy has been so squeezed out of modern Civil Rights celebrations in America  you have to wonder who the celebrations are actually for, in a nation that doesn't live up  to Kings' Dream.

On the other (white) hand, from George Washington and Andrew Jackson, Davey Crockett and Theo Roosevelt and the Rough Riders, mainstream America has heroes who are men of bloody action, and they're bloody for good reasons. They're only bloody because they want to protect us (not "us", but you know what I mean) or establish a nation of freedom and protect little Johnny and Suzie from the hordes of non-Aryan people who just hate hate hate our (not really "our") cherished way of life.  

The film "Selma" and the film "American Sniper", released in close proximity to each other, reflect the dichotomy apparent in what kind of hero Black children will look up to, contrasted with the paradigm of violent global domination that is apparently the birthright of civilizing white children. That is my main problem with films like Clint Eastwood's American Sniper  the film bio of one of America's most lethal -- verbose killers.  Even the logo for the company Kyle erected stateside references the Crusades.

A logo styled after the cross of the Knights Templar takes some premeditation.  Reading some of the quotes attributed to Mr. Kyle makes you suspect he probably had no sense of irony.  To hate people that much whilst someplace you don't belong....sheesh.  What gave you the right to hate that deeply?  Iraq wasn't responsible for 9/11 and the US were the uninvited guests anyway.  And why aren't we talking about prosecuting Bush/Cheney administration officials for their myriad crimes that led us into war and economic collapse?

Amazing racial arrogance.  I don't think racists even perceive that victims of racism hate racisim, and racists.   What is even more frustrating is that Black people likely contributed close to half of the box-office bonanza.  Another bigot elevated to sainthood.  Absurd times, these.

Rashard Zanders is freelance writer living and working in these American Twin Cities, MN.  He is not a sniper, but he has battled the h.pylori bacteria to a temporary draw, and been known to take the last beer at otherwise friendly gatherings.  He can be reached via or at 872-228-4179 

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