Friday, January 16, 2015

American illusions succumb to Amerikkkan realities

Thursday, January 15, 2015

by Rashard Zanders, MN

"The arrests have raised questions about a

double standard for free speech here, with

one set of rules for the cartoonists who

freely skewered religions of all kinds,

even when Muslims, Catholics and others

objected, and yet were defended for their

right to do so, and another set for the

statements by Muslim supporters of the

gunmen, which have led to their


So where did all those concerns about

American torture go? Or the entrenched

culture of violence and brutality against

Persons of Color in the United States?  At it would appear as

though America is flying without a moral

compass.  Wouldn't it be nice if one of our

go-to Black, Brown, Red, Yellow or Arab

boogey-men would kick the year off with a

nice, well-timed terrorist attack?  Sure

would go a long way in making people forget

about the aforementioned transgressions.

In homage to the elders, scholars, teachers

activists and thinkers who warned us via

Pan African, Afro-feminist,

eco/environmental and Human Rights

perspectives,  we revive in the tradition of

the most intellectually sound thinkers, now

unimpeachably prophetic, those Philosophers

born from Struggle.

And this brings us to a much needed

reevaluation of the Civil Rights Movement,

whose historical import, Selma and

Hollywood romances not withstanding, has

been co-opted by the very culprits who were

it's target.  One of the accidental

blessings of social media --because making

your own dossier for the whole world to see

IS so Big Brother -- has been it's ability

to broadcast to us the Bay Transit Cop

shooting of Oscar Grant, the Ferguson and

Eric Garner deaths, and it's ability to

demystify the true function of the armed and

dangerous thin blue line we call police.

The another element which must force Black

Church leaders in particular, given the

role of the Black pastor as THE community

patriarch, are the American torture

revelations, too many, vast and detailed to

list all here.  Do we go on pretending that

this enemy is going to allow some mythic

equality when his very existence depends on

the slow and impoverished negations of our

own?  If 2014 ended with any lesson,

besides that we are ruled by war criminals,

is that "You can't shame the Devil": The

Devil feels no shame.

The American illusion has given way to the

Amerikkkan reality.  Despite the shootings

at the paper in France, the cutthroat

Western values that even the

disenfranchised love so much have been

invalidated by the violence, deception and

fear that lies beneath.

And Dr. King himself, on this day the Nation mocks his memory and his values, had evolved his philosophy to engage America for it's global sins, and tie the Civil Rights struggle to the global Human Rights  Struggle and the rest of the Pan African Diaspora; To profile Amerikkaa, as we are profiled by everyone daily, for it's toxic blankets given to Natives on the Trail of Tears,  for the Tortures and family  dissolution that nurtured American slavery, for the rape and pillaging of this land from Red People, there is much that Amerikka has to answer for which she and her European allies are unwilling to do. The west has no moral compass.  This we know to be true.The apparent fear is we wake up to this before every their self-made boogeyman have been spent.

Rashard Zanders is a freelance writer and 

grantmaker and coffee addict from Chicago, 

IL, now living in Minneapolis, with his Cat 

Thrilla.  He can be reached at 


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